Zika Virus

Doctors recently found that pregnant women could spread the Zika disease to the baby in their womb if they are infected by it. Zika virus in this way could cause microcephaly to the baby, causing him or her to have an abnormally small head with potential brain related development problems. In Brazil, where Zika virus is most rampant, infection has already reached to 1,500 babies. In New York, the first Zika related birth defect was found.

No matter how insignificant this may seem now, there are also other diseases like dengue fever and yellow fever which are an increasing trend in our society today.

When at home, to protect your loved ones -be it your housewives, toddlers, your old folks, erect mosquito nets around your house where it is open, which is your windows, to have ventilation and a long lasting protection against these diseases where these mosquitoes can easily spread them through your family.