Installation guide

Items included in the set (from left):

1. A set of magnetic clips

2. A set of magnetic strips with adhesive

3. A set of corner frames (w/ metal wires and metal clips)

4. A set of PVC stripes

Sankei Mosquito Net (beneath)

Installation Guide:

Please get a heavy duty scissors for the installation.

Step 1: Assemble the PVC frame

Measure the PVC strip according to the size of your window frame.

Cut the strips according to your window size, attaching the stripes into the corner pieces as shown.

Step 2: Installing the mesh onto PVC frame

Lay the mesh flat on the assembled PVC frame.

Next, slot the magnetic clip into the PVC frame while making it taut.

Repeat for the other 3 sides.

Then, place the magnetic strip with adhesive on to the magnetic clip, cut it to size.

The layers should be as follows:

Step 3: Installing metallic clips

It is important to note that the location of the clips should be 3/4 length away from the base of the magnetic screen to the top and installed at the sides as shown by the finished product below.

First, remove the film and use a penknife to separate the 2 clips as shown

Remove all the adhesive tape. Then, slot the clip all the way in through all the layers, including PVC strip as shown.

Do it for the opposite side.

Please make sure of the location of the clip as it is not easy to remove once slotted in due to the strong adhesive.

Step 4: Finishing up

Clean and dry the surface of window frame before installing the entire magnetic screen on the window.

The purpose of the metal wires is as shown. 

You can install this small part through the hole after installing the entire magnetic screen on the window.